Back to the Body

As we are about to start a new season at Ibuka with the start of classes after the summer, what a good time to start the Ibuka blog. Back to school. Back to the body is more apt at our school!

What does back to the body mean to me? It is a return to the source, so often just an unconscious vehicle at our command. With so many external distractions, it's time to find that quiet place inside that listens and senses, rejuvenation from that busy loud external reality to a deeper reality.

The mind body connection is fascinating to explore and dance harnesses that strength to infinite possibilities. We can share our stories, speak without words and be understood across the globe.

Through the body, we can express what's on our mind: our feelings, our views, our past and our future. Unlocking the present for audience and performer alike and speaking a most personal and universal truth. On a good show night!

With these words I welcome you to get back to your body and let your mind relax for the duration of a dance class. Create the space for yourself. See you in our dancespace.