Ibuka Dance Foundation offers dance classes to the Arusha community at our dance studio theatre location on Themi Hill, Njiro. We have a full program of dance and yoga classes for all ages and beginners are welcome. Our team of professional teachers will adapt the class accordingly and make sure you have fun as you learn!  Ballet. Salsa. Tango. African dance. Swing. Yoga. Hip hop. Acrobatics. Whatever the movement style may be, we are delighted to share our knowledge and passion with our students. By taking classes at our community space, you support a cultural initiative  and helps us offer our scholarship training program and outreach work with children.



Mid Term Break til 30 Oct.

5 weeks of classes left in the term til Christmas break

PRICELIST 2016-2017

DANCE MORE...SAVE MORE!                                                                                                   The more classes you take, the lower the price is per class


Fall 2017 Term PRICES.jpg