Welcome to our Arusha community dance & yoga classes for adults & children

Our new dance term is ongoing and runs until March 30th 2019. Not too late to join in!

 We have a full program of classes for all ages and levels. Our team of professional teachers will adapt the class accordingly and make sure you have fun as you learn!   Whatever the movement style may be, we are delighted to share our knowledge and passion with our students.By taking classes at our community space, you are supporting a local cultural initiative as well as learning new skills, feeling fit, meeting new people and having fun!  We offer the following classes:

All term classes will be graciously hosted by ISM, unless otherwise stated on schedule. The 12 week term will have mid-term break 8-19 Oct. 2018

We will have a few NEW classes to check out this term, like ADULT BALLET (we are starting from scratch so no previous ballet training necessary) with Anna Bussey. We are also delighted to offer another new class for the tots, called TUMBLING TOTS every Friday pm & Sunday am!

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A big thank you to ISM, and a warm karibu sana for this exciting new season of dance!

ADULT BEGINNER BALLET: Always wanted to try as you never did as a kid? You did ballet as a kid and would like to pick it up again? You have taken ballet classes but had to stop for work/kids/moving to Africa? We will  start from scratch to learn the basics of ballet technique, no prior ballet experience necessary. If you do have some experience, it will be a great refresher class. The focus will be on posture and alignment.

TUMBLING TOTS: Creative free dance & play to awaken their power of imagination, musicality and expression, releases energy in a safe & fun way with parents participation or watching.  Drop in for any amount of time during the 2 hrs

GYROKINESIS: A fusion of gymnastics, yoga, dance and tai-chi, it is like 3 dimensional Pilates. Results include: better posture, decompression of joints, feeling of being taller, freedom in the body. With many sequenced patterns of movement coordinated with specific breathing, we create space and fluidity starting from the spine and moving it throughout the body to our physical extremities and beyond.

ARGENTINIAN TANGO: This is the tango danced in the salons of Buenos Aires, as opposed to the ballroom competition version. Also known as salon tango, the embrace is the key to clear communication as the pair improvise with the steps. we will cover the tango waltz, the milonga, tango nuevo and the classics. Not necessary to come with a dance partner, we adapt.

SALSA: The music says it all! Enjoy a fiesta of new steps integrated into the basics. The level of the group will be assessed and matched. If there are beginners as well as intermediates, then we split the studio and one teacher works with one level, the other teacher with the other level. Not necessary to come with a dance partner, we adapt.

CREATIVE DANCE for KIDS: Where physicality and creativity meet, a place to tell stories through the body and experience the freedom of improvisation alone and with others in space and time. Letting things out: dancing can be just the right vent for kids to get off their chest what they are feeling. Without needing words, the body speaks and exteriorizes.

PRE-BALLET Ages 3-5: A preparatory class integrating the key elements of Ballet of the 5 positions, balance, grace, jumps, turns, flexibility and strength through structured play and tasks, and as well as explore the romantic story ballets stories and characters. There is a break in the middle of class. 

BALLET Ages 6-11: Learn the individual Ballet steps and names, then advance in connecting them into simple sequences. Attention to posture, coordination, musicality, confidence and presentation and anatomy friendly technique through personal corrections 30 min ballet barre, 5 min break, 25 min centre practice. This class is offered on Saturday mornings to everyone and during the week as a CCA Ballet Club after school activity at ISM and at Braeburn International School, St Constantine International School, Kennedy House School & Orkeeswa School. Registration still open!

SWING DANCE is a group of dances that developed with the swing style of jazz music in the 1920sā€“1940s and is a lively style of social dancing that has been making a huge comeback worldwide among social dancers of all ages. Learn the lindy hop, the charleston, the jive, East coast Swing, West Coast Swing & more with Beth-Marie & Vance Bicknell (USA). Not necessary to come with a dance partner, we adapt.

ACROBATICS for KIDS: Balance beam, human pyramids, rolls, cartwheels, headstands and gymnastic elements like dancing with a ball and ribbons.

HIP HOP for KIDS: We use only age appropriate moves & songs. and Learn breakdance & street dance, popping/locking and cool choreographies with a freestyle jam circle at the end of class. We use only age appropriate moves & songs. With the one and only Brian, who is a master at lyrical hip hop

AFRICAN DANCE: Get into the rhythm and get your heart rate up! An energy filled joyous class to stomp barefoot the beats of our ancestors and connect to African living culture. 



Ibuka can provide skirts and leotards (bodysuits) in both black and pink. The 3-5yrs wear pink, the 6-11yrs weak black. We also have a range of sizes in ballet slippers. We will bring the ballet wear to the first few classes to try on sizes. Please be in touch with us if you wish to purchase some for your child, or send a note with her/him to class.

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